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Our Service
In designing and developing our website and the transportation service, we have tried to be as transparent as possible and placed care in ensuring a controlled and safe purchasing environment. Our commitment is to provide a service where the customer is not burdened with last minute surprises, both in terms of cost and service.  
We aim to achieve this through:
Our Online Freight Calculator
Our freight calculator works with the combination of both volume (cbm) as well as weight (kg). Although this might appear elaborate, it is done to ensure that charges are calculated accurately from the start and that no adjustments are required at a later stage for the volumetric weight differences.
Our system sends automated mails to notify our customer where the actual package dimensions differ from those inputted into the freight calculator at booking stage and any resulting additional costs.
Our system also allows for the customer to identify whether the goods are hazardous at booking stage and thus identify at an early stage any restrictions and additional costs.
We have no additional registration and setup costs.
We have teamed up with some of the main local banks to provide a secure and comfortable payment solution.
Our Transportation System

When choosing our partners and designing our logistic process we have prioritised on the security of the entire process. Our relatively small size allows for a better control of the various stages of the transportation process.
All of our partners are linked to the same system to enable us to control the individual movements and progress of the packages.
The logistic system sends out automated mails at each stage of the transportation process to keep the customer updated on the status of the shipment.
We have an agreement with one of Malta's leading insurance providers to ensure that the items are covered by a robust marine cargo insurance cover.
Our Affiliate Shop Agreements
In choosing our affiliated shops we place particular importance on the reliability and reputation of the shops.


As one says the proof is in the pudding and in this case, in the box and we thus look forward to our customers feedback and ideas on how we can improve on our quality, and welcome any comments and suggestions.
Kindly make reference to our full terms and conditions which regulate the terms and conditions of our transportation service.



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