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How to use our Freight Calculator

Get a quote and book your freight in four quick steps.

Step 1: Provide Shop/supplier details

Here you can either select a shop from the list of recognized and Boxnotch recommended shops or enter details of ANY other shop/supplier that you choose to purchase from weather it is an online shop or other supplier or an address where your items need to be shipped from.


In this tab enter the country in which your goods will be delivered (final destination).We currently only deliver to Malta.

Shop Name:

Insert the shop/supplier name and address from where you are purchasing the goods. If the shop or supplier name is "Boxnotch recommended" or is recognized by our system, the country and city will be automatically filled in. This information will be used to generate the closest Boxnotch Warehouse Address.

It should be noted that our service covers the shipment of your goods from our foreign warehouse (closest to the shop/supplier). The shop/supplier will need to carry the items from their premises to our warehouse. Most UK online stores will offer free delivery to UK address and you will need to provide the Boxnotch warehouse address to the shop when purchasing the item.

Step 2: Provide Your product(s) information.

Enter all package details in the required fields. The dimensions and weight should include the package as it will be shipped/transported. You can acquire this information from the product details from the e shop or other product sites or by contacting the shop/supplier directly. If this information is not available we have provided a reference chart that will give you an approximate indication of package dimensions and the equivalent freight rates, kindly estimate the overall size and weight. The final package dimensions would be measured at arrival in our warehouse and any variations will be charged separately as per our terms and conditions. If the product is packed into more than one box kindly add the total combined dimensions and weight of all boxes.

Product Name:

Type in your product and select from the list provided. This information is required for insurance and custom clearance requirements.

(refer to paragraph above for information related to the product dimensions and weight)

Product Value:

Enter the cost of the purchased product. This would be required for insurance and custom clearance requirements. If this is not available kindly estimate the value.

Add item:

You can add as many items as you like to you order as long as they are from the same shop. For products from different shops kindly create a new booking.

Add box:

This is to be used when one item consists of more than one box. E.g one bed that consists of 4 boxes.

Step 3: Choose your delivery option

Delivery option:

Select your preferred delivery option based on the time you wish the items to be delivered. Kindly note that this is calculated as the delivery lead time for bringing your goods from our Foreign warehouse to the warehouse closest to your location. You will need to allow for the additional time required for the shop or supplier to deliver to our Foreign warehouse. In the next section you will be imputing the shop estimated delivery time and the final given Estimated Time of arrival provided is the sum of the two.

(Eg if the shop advices that it will deliver within three days and you chose a boxnotch delivery of 10 days then your package should be delivered within 13 days.)

Boxnotch Warehouse Address:

This address is to be used when purchasing your products from your shop or supplier.

Once you have entered all required information and chosen your delivery option, the freight calculator will provide the cost of your shipment. If you choose to proceed with your purchase kindly continue by booking your freight. You will need to provide the shop or supplier the Boxnotch Warehouse address where the goods will be delivered. This address is provided within the freight calculator.

Step 4: Estimated time of arrival to final destination

The freight calculator will estimate the final time of arrival, based on the delivery option chosen above and the shops/supplier delivery time which you will need to provide. This info would be given to you by the shop/supplier once you have purchase your item.

Shop Delivery Time:

Enter the estimated delivery time that was given to you by the shop to have it delivered to our Boxnotch warehouse.

Other information

Hazardous items:

Tick the box if your item is hazardous or restricted.

International maritime regulations restrict and control the carriage of hazardous items. Your supplier/shop should inform you if products purchased are Hazardous. If items are hazardous, kindly tick the necessary field in the additional product information. Hazardous items will incur additional transportation costs.

Restricted items:

The local customs rules and regulations will prohibit the importation of certain products. If your product falls within these items we will not be able to provide transportation services. Boxnotch reserves the right to refuse the transportation of any items or suspected items that fall within these parameters.

Door to Door delivery

Boxnotch offers a door to door delivery service. Kindly fill in the delivery details to obtain the cost of the door to door delivery. If door to door delivery is not selected you will need to pick up your goods from our local warehouse.

Personal details

To proceed with your booking you will need to provide us with your personal details and through the payment gateway.

Boxnotch will send you various e-mails throughout the shipment process informing you of your order status. You can also view the status of your booking through the 'My Account' function if you have created a Boxnotch account. An account can be created at any time by clicking on Sign in at the top of the page.

We encourage you to register with Boxnotch so that we would be able to inform you about any updates, news and promotions as well as access your orders, information and status from your account.


The ID Card number is required because the freight includes insurance and this information is required to issue the policy.



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