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A Freight Solution for Online Purchases


For many years, the Sullivan family has been synonymous with the shipping and freight industry in Malta, and Sullivan Shipping is testimony to this strong maritime tradition, while continually demonstrating an ability to adapt to an ever dynamic market.


Today, Sullivan Shipping is run by a fifth generation of Sullivans, whose hands-on approach and proximity with the industry players means they are perceptive to the market's and the customers' requirements. Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Shipping, states that "in the last few years we have experienced large changes in the logistics requirements and purchasing patterns of our customers. This is not only affecting freight and logistics requirements, but also the decision-making processes, where speed of information and effective communication are key". For this reason, Sullivan Shipping is developing a series of products that are focused on different groups of organisations and seeks to offer solutions to their freight needs and also address their management processes and their business requirements. In line with its continual development and innovation, Sullivan Shipping has also launched a service aimed at those household customers and businesses seeking to purchase goods and freight online. is an online portal that allows customers to purchase items from UK online stores, obtain a quote, book their transport and have their items delivered to Malta in a secure and safe environment. “When we set out to develop the Boxnotch service of replica breitling two years ago,we aimed to have a transparent and reliable online freight calculator and transport solution.


Our goal, as demonstrated in our motto of no hidden costs, is to ensure that clients are not burdened with surprise costs. We offer three transport solutions where our customers can choose from a cheaper, slower transport or other faster solutions. This allows for those clients who are looking at purchasing larger items such as furniture to have a viable solution, where courier would otherwise turn out to be prohibitive in terms of costs,”Mr Sullivan said.

Christmas can be an ideal period to try out the Boxnotch services.