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1 - 1 (of -1) is an online shopping gateway with an integrated logistic solution. Our solution is operated through Innovative web based applications, which functionalities have been designed using the latest principals in web applications, to ensure simple, yet effective and secure browsing and booking operations.

Our Group is established in Malta and has been in the freight and logistics industry for over a hundred years and represent some of the global players in the transportation and logistics industry. For this particular project we have teamed up with some of the leading international Logistic companies to ensure reliable and cost effective solutions.

Our Logistic solution has been designed to incorporate:

•    Pick up points and warehouses in close proximity of main distribution hubs.
•    The delivery of large and bulky packages as well as the smaller conventional courier deliveries.
•    The possibility to purchase from a large selection of our affiliate on line shops or any other UK   merchant.
•    An automated online quotation and booking system for any size of package.
•    Possibility to select different forms of transport (time base).
•    Possibility to track cargo and receive automated e-mails on order status.
•    Possibility to consolidate packages in fewer, larger consignments, thus reducing the transportation costs.
•    One service provider throughout the logistic chain which will ensure a safer transportation service.


The online freight calculator, is a simple to use Freight booking system which allows users to get freight quotes (real time) based on the package dimensions and weight and book their freight requirements.


We have researched and where possible, tackled all the so called “barriers to cross-border e-commerce” to ensure that our product is competitive and attractive to all users, be it the e-shops or the final consumer.


In designing and developing our website and the transportation service, we have tried to be as transparent as possible and placed care in ensuring a controlled and safe purchasing environment. Our commitment is to provide a service where the customer is not burdened with last minute surprises, both in terms of cost and service.  Read More... 


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