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What mailing address should I provide to the UK vendor/seller?


For the basic delivery option:


(Your Name) Boxnotch, c/o Rhenus Logistics Ltd

Quayside Park Bates Road Maldon,



Phone 01621 854 451


Are the Shipping and Product bought seperately?


We recommend that if a shop that interests you is available on our site, select it directly from us so that you would have them opened next to eachother.

After you have bought the product from the shop/supplier, you can start booking your freight through us.


Are there extra charges for Gozo delivery?

Yes, please contact us for a quote.

Can I purchase from any shops in the UK?

Yes. You are not only limited to those shops showing on our website.

Do I have to register to be able to place a booking?

You are able to place a booking without registering, however we do not recommend it as if we would need to contact you, we would need your contact details.


How do I know if my goods are hazardous?

Your supplier/shop should inform you if products purchased are Hazardous. If items are hazardous, kindly tick the necessary field in the additional product information. Hazardous items will incur additional transportation costs.

How do I search for a shop?

The Shops are listed in the tab SHOP BY STORE under the six categories. You must first choose the category and then you will find a list of shops.

How do I use the Freight Calculator?

You have all the instructions and a video on the HOW IT WORKS tab. There is also a video on the BOOK MY SHIPPING Tab.

If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.



How do payments take place?

Online payments take place via VISA, MASTERCARD, BOV CASHLINK and Ecocard.

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes. You will need to provide your ID Card number in order to issue a policy.


What are my delivery options?

Basic (2 - 3 weeks)
Express (3-7days)

The cost and address will vary accordingly.

What if the shop does not accept Maltese Registered Credit Cards?

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this. What we suggest is for a friend/relative that owns a UK Creit Card to purchase the item for you.

What if the shop does not provide any package dimensions?

If this information is not available you can either enter estimate dimensions or we have provided a reference chart that will give you an approximate indication of package dimensions and the equivalent freight rates. The final package dimensions would be measured at arrival in our warehouse and any variations will be charged separately as per our terms and conditions. If the product is packed into more than one box kindly click on the button 'Add Box'.

What is the contact number of the UK warehouse?

Basic Delivery Option:

+44 (0)1268 596625

What shoud I do if I do not know the product value?

If you have an item that what bought a while ago and cannot remember the cost, kindly give an estimate. This would be required for insurance and custom clearance.


What should I do if I do not have all the package dimesnions?

We would need all of the dimensions to be able to calculate your freight. If you do not have all the dimensions, either ask the shop/supplier or try and get an estimate from the internet. If dimensions vary from the ones you have provided, we will infrom you.

Where can I find a list of Hazardous Items?

Who do I have to place a booking with first, Boxnotch or my supplier?

It's best to book with your supplier first to make sure that they are able to deliver to our warehouse. Once you have received a confirmation from them, you may then book with us.

Why I am not receiving emails from Boxnotch?

Kindly be advised that due to security and spam settingsof your e-mail provider the automated mails generated by Boxnotch might end up in your Spam mail. If you are not receiving mails from our site kindly check amongst your Spam and mark our e-mail as trusted/not spam.






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